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The Pointe 


February 2011 

Issue #2

What’s inside:

  • Welcoming Team Drink 
  • Trop Rock Party Phun 
  • Where Parrots Mambo (pics) 
  • Belly up to the bar 
  • Trop Rock Musician Spotlight 
  • Extra side of Mullet 




Team Drink Quote of the Month 

“Be not merely good; be good for something." 

Henry David Thoreau

(This could have been written about parrotheads!)

Welcoming Team Drink

Welcome to our February 2011 edition of the Crab Island Mambo Mullet Wrapper. Today I am going to answer the age old question everyone wants to know. What is Trop Rock? You see it mentioned here many times but I am sure there are some of you who don’t know what it means. I am here to clear it up for you!  J

Is it rock and roll? Is it country? Is it the island Caribbean sound? Is it Jimmy Buffett? The answer is “yes” to all of the above. Trop Rock obviously got its start with Jimmy Buffett and his legion of Parrothead fans but it is more than just Jimmy, a lot more!  

Nadira and A1A
Nadirah and A1A

Trop Rock artist are a group of musicians and bands that have tapped into the Parrothead world. These performers not only write their own original music, play Parrothead events across the country and help support the numerous charities the various clubs raise money for but they also get right out there and party with all the fans.  

Jim at the Bull  Jim Morris
Jim Asbell at the Bull in Key West                                                        Jim Morris at Dante's in Key West

It can be Eric Stone hanging out at the Pointe in Destin with the Pointe Bums. It is Jim Morris taking a group to Belize in past years or Costa Rica like he is doing this year. It is Jim Asbell and the Tropiholics downing tequila with their fans. It is the Godfather of Parrothead events Jerry Diaz having a drink before and after his shows with us. And it is Flipper from PHIN’s being Flipper. (Those who know Flipper know what I am talking about!  J )

Jerry and Mark at Lulu's
Jerry and Mark at Lulu's

The diverse nature of the musicians and bands that blend together is one of the big draws of Trop Rock. Bob Banerjee from Corned Beef and Curry is a classically trained violinist but in the Trop Rock world he is known as a fiddle player extraordinar. The Sauce Boss Bill Wharton plays his own style of blues and jazz while cooking gumbo on stage. Thom Sheppard is a well known Nashville song writer as well as a Trop Rock musician. The Calypso Nuts are steel drum magicians. The list can go on and on.  

Another great aspect of the Trop Rock world is the musicians come from the four corners of the US and beyond. They are from not just the sunshine state but places you would not associate with the tropics. Places like New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri…you get the idea! 

John Patti, Capt's Josh and Nick
John Patti with Capt's Josh and Nick at Trop Stock NYE

As you can see, Trop Rock can’t be described in a simple “this or that” kind of way and that makes it perfect for the Parrothead world. No matter what you like in music, you will find Trop Rock musicians who will satisfy your desire. Each month in the Crab Island Mambo Mullet Wrapper I will be spotlighting a Trop Rock performer or band as I try to get these talented people some exposure.

To quote a Brent Burns song, we are “Living the life Jimmy Buffett wrote about.” So grab a boat drink, slip off the flip flops, park yourself in a beach chair and support Trop Rockers by getting some of their CD’s as you kick back and escape for a while.

Stingray Steve


Trop Rock Party Phun

Meeting of the Minds (MOTM)

Ask a Parrothead what the biggest party and the best Trop Rock event is and you will most likely hear them say it’s “Meeting of the Minds” or as its better known as MOTM! Held every year in Key West, FL the first week of November, this giant party takes over the island with over 3500 parrotheads having phun and donating a lot to charity. 

Party Phun
Street Party Phun

The first Meeting of the Minds was held in December 1992 in New Orleans. The Godfather of Trop Rock events, Jerry Diaz organized this first gathering that took place at the new (at the time) Margaritaville Café. 80 folks attended and $200 was raised to donate to a local charity.

The second MOTM was again held in New Orleans in October 1993 with over 165 Parrotheads in attendance. The event continued to grow. The planning was eventually taken over by the national Parrotheads in Paradise (PHIP) organization and was moved to Key West for the 7th annual event in 1998.

Panama City Parrotheads at The Bull
Panama City Parrotheads at The Bull

MOTM has grown where thousands of dollars are raised for various charities. Each year toys are donated and the largest blood drive in the Keys is held. Parrotheads also fill the streets for the Zonta walk against breast cancer. 

The big draw of MOTM is of course the Trop Rock music. Musicians start to get into town on Monday. The actual event runs from Thursday to Sunday but you can hear great Trop Rock music early if are lucky enough to get there. 

Nav-a-Gator beer for Jim Morris
Nav-a-Gator beer for Jim Morris

Music flows from not only the host hotel, the Casa Marina, but also from bars and clubs across the island. You can hear Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band at Hogs Breath playing in the parking lot on Wednesday for a welcome to the island party. Hugo Duarte plays Hogs late each night. Jim Asbell and the Tropiholics is a mainstay each night at The Bull. The Rum Barrel has musicians playing inside and on the roof. Conch Republic Seafood Company has music every day and night. Schooners Wharf always has big names each night. Dante’s, Island Dog Bar, Margaritaville Café, The Southernmost Beach Café, The Bottle Cap, Lazy Gecko and other spots all bring out the welcome mat for the musicians and the Parrotheads. 

With over 3500 Parrotheads attending each year, it is a perfect place to catch up with old friends and where to make new friends. It is hard to describe the size and the scope of the party MOTM has become. 

Worlds best MOTM photo
Brian was right, the worlds best MOTM photo

There is a street-fest party on Fridays where they close down a few blocks of Duval, set up a stage and the music and beverages flow. Margarita Mafia has started holding their yearly awards show during MOTM honoring all the Trop Rock winners. Private parties abound all across the island. We can’t forget about the sunset celebration at Mallory Square even if it is not a Parrothead function. There is so much to do, so much great Trop Rock music to hear…the time flies by. 

Don't ask!
Don't ask what Jeff had to do for that dollar!

This year is the 20th anniversary MOTM. The dates are November 3rd to the 6th. Get your registrations in and make your reservations now. This is going to be the best party yet. Details at:

Where Parrots Mambo

Candid Camera Pictures!
Pool party phin on the Island Cindy with Alan and Jackie in Key West
  Pool party phun on the island                                                      Cindy with Jackie and Alan in Key West

Martha and Sharon from Pensacola in New Orleans Connie at Margaritaville in New Orleans
Martha and Sharon from Pensacola in New Orleans                                  Connie at Margaritaville New Orleans

Debbie and Steve at Margaritaville Panama City Beach Fishing in Destin
Debbie and Steve at Margaritaville Panama City Beach                                   Fishing in Destin                                                

Bud at Put-in-Bay Ohio Keith and Cindy at Tropical Isle in New Orleans
  Bud at Put-in-Bay, Ohio                                                                Keith and Cindy at Tropical Isle New Orleans



Belly up to the Bar

The Crab Island Mambo Mullet Wrapper would not be complete if we didn’t spend time giving everyone the low down on drinking establishments near and far. We always take suggestions on new places to visit too!  J 



This month we plan to explore the Emerald Coast Parrotheads home roost, Fudpuckers Bar and Grill. This bar and restaurant with the funky name has been home to the Parrotheads from almost the start of the club.  

Phun at Fud's 
Charlene and Capt. Ron

Fud’s (as it is affectionately known to locals) has two locations. There is one in Fort Walton Beach but the Destin location is the Parrothead spot for phun and music. The second Friday of each month (except July….too many tourist in town) you will find the ECPHC partying away either in the upstairs open air Key West bar or if it is cold they are downstairs.  

How do we best describe Fud’s? It is a bar, it is a restaurant, it is a teen club but it is more than all that. They have a famous line of t-shirts that have been spotted around the world. They have a live alligator exhibit. There is a playground for the kids and a game room with video games. Add the Parrotheads to that mix and you never know what you might see. 

Phun at Fud's
Barger making some important announcements

During the Parrothead Phlockings there is live music from local or touring Trop Rock artist, a raffle with the proceeds going to a pre-determined charity, discounted adult beverages for members, free food for members, dancing and just a general good time. Tourists who happen to be there during the Phlocking don’t usually know what to make of it all!  

Phun at Fud's
Phun at Fud's

Rich and his staff never fail to take care of the Parrotheads. They know how to throw a party. And if there is any group that knows how to party, it is Parrotheads.  Fud's has also announced they will give a discount to any Parrothead with a valid club badge this year. It will be half off Landshark draft and one dollar off all other drinks. A great deal so stop in with your badge especially if you are from out of town.

Fud’s is popular place especially during tourist season. But with so much to do, even a wait for a table can go by quickly. In the summer there is live music playing at the Key West bar. Catch some Trop Rock music with a cold beverage. Take one of their menu’s to read as it is really a newspaper in disguise…Just another unique feature of Fud’s.  

Phun at Fud's
Kelly telling stories

So come on down to Fudpuckers, party with the Parrotheads and remember as they like to say, “Ya ain’t been pucked, till ya been fudpucked”

Trop Rock Musician Spotlight

A monthly feature you will see in the Crab Island Mambo Mullet Wrapper is a spotlight on a Trop Rock musician. There are outstanding Trop Rock artists that many parrotheads have never heard about. We want to change that. This month’s artist is a good friend who used to call Destin home.  



Trop Rock musicians as a whole are great people. They are like you and me, only a lot more talented! Eric Stone is no exception. 

Those of us in the Destin area of the Emerald Coast were lucky to have Eric as one of our own as he lived here for several years. We were able to hear him regularly. Eric would even come out to our Sunday gatherings at The Pointe whenever he was in town and not out on the road. 

Eric with Kyle
Eric with Kyle

Eric is a great songwriter. He has 12 CD’s out. Eric is also well known in the sailing and boating world. He wrote the theme song for Latitudes and Attitudes TV show. You can also catch Eric performing at all of Latitudes and Attitudes Cruisers parties and rallies as well as some of the big boat shows across the country. 

Originally from Texas, Eric moved to Florida for work. It was here his music career took off. A couple of years ago, Eric followed his dream and moved to the Virgin Islands. He used that as his home base and the inspiration for many of his latest songs. This year Eric and his long time girl friend Kim moved to Tortola to continue his evolution. 

Eric with Wayne and Kelly at Tropical Isle in New Orleans

But despite living on an island (wouldn’t we all like to say that), Eric still performs for many parrothead clubs on the mainland. He is a regular at Meeting of the Minds in Key West. He performs either as a solo act or with a band. His schedule keeps him very busy. 

Eric writes songs about his surroundings and what he sees. One of our favorite Eric Stone songs is, “Crab Island Rendezvous.” It is a great song about our favorite party spot. Eric also has the distinction of selling over 100,000 copies of his CD “Songs for Sail” making it a certified Gold album. Wow! 

We asked Eric what his most memorable moment on stage was and he replied the first time he heard the audience singing the words to his song. At this point he knew he was making it. We also had to ask him about his most embarrassing moment on stage and he answered it was the time he fell off because of too many Red Bulls and Vodka. But he was quick to point out he does not do that anymore.

Continued success
Continued success Eric!

A great philosophy in life is Eric’s tag line, “Don’t dream your life, live your dreams!” That is definitely a great way to look at life! Visit Eric’s web site to see where he is performing and to purchase some of his CD’s. You will be glad you did!

Extra Side of Mullet

The Coast is Clear

Is the above statement:

·          A Jimmy Buffett song?
·          The title of the Panama City PHC’s Rendezvous for 2011?
·          What the Emerald Coast beaches from Destin to Panama City have been for over 6 months now?

No Oil
No oil on our beaches

The answer is all the above! Jimmy sang about a clear coast many years ago and then redid the song during his free concert on the beach at Gulf Shores, AL last year. Panama City PHC adopted the statement as their title this year for their Trop Rock event Parrothead Rendezvous in honor of the beaches being clear.

I want to expand on that theme. As everyone who was not living under a rock is aware, there was a major BP oil rig blow out in the Gulf of Mexico last spring. The national news media pounced on the story and made it sound like our beaches were covered in thick gooey oil. Pictures from Louisiana, where they did get hit hard, were broadcast mentioning towns all along the coast. They did not spell out who was getting hit hard. People stayed away fearing Destin and Panama City were hit like Louisiana. 

Phun on the Seablaster
Seablaster trip last summer

The beaches here in Destin received some tar balls starting in June. By the time the well was capped in July, we had about another month of a few tar balls here and there. Since then, the Coast is Clear! (All the photo's here are from last summer.)

Recent news reports say there is public perception oil is still washing up on our shores. There are even some local residents, who must be some type of closet ecological experts, saying oil is lurking under the surface just waiting to strike when the time is right! I wonder how long it is going to “lurk” before they realize the gulf is very good at cleansing itself. 

Phun at Crab Island
Phun at Crab Island last summer

Our local seafood has been tested for oil and dispersants more than Lance Armstrong has been tested for steroids. Yet some people still claim it is tainted. I wonder where they get their information from. These are the same folks who probably see black helicopters in their sleep! 

Phun at Crab Island
More Crab Island phun last summer

I am no expert either and I did not sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night but I do walk the beaches on a regular basis. I have boated in the bay and gulf. I eat all the local seafood I can get my hands on. I have not developed some strange oil intestinal disease. I have not seen or stepped on a tar ball since last summer. The Emerald Coast beaches from Destin to Panama City have been free and clear of oil and tar balls for over 6 months now! I can say that because I have seen it myself.

Pass the word; The Coast is Clear! Say it loud. I want to share our Emerald Coastal State of Mind with everyone once again.






Judie and Kelly

Our spotlight this month focuses on Parrotheads Judie and Kelly!

“Lady he can’t Explain” Judie and “Semi-normal Person” Kelly are Parrotheads who are well recognized at Trop Rock events around the country. They are members of the Emerald Coast PHC having moved to the Gulf Coast from Missouri. From Meeting of the Minds in Key West to Flipperstock in St. Louis to Pardi Gras in New Orleans, you can find Judie and Kelly having a good time. 

Never at a loss for either watercrafts or vehicles, on most weekends you will find Judie and Kelly in their sailboat with Consuela on the bow, or maybe on their jet skies or even paddling around Crab Island in their kayaks. They are easy to spot because they are always in the middle of the party. 

Phun at Cats
Judie and Kelly having Phun at Cat's in New Orleans

We have attended Trop Rock events with them all over the country. Judie is a natural talker who easily makes friends. Kelly is a little more subdued until you put a bourbon and coke in front of him. After a couple of those drinks he starts to do the “Kelly Dance.” This is a dance that is taking the Parrothead world by storm!
  J  Anyone can do it; you just have to be able to snap your fingers.

Doing the "Kelly" dance

Judie is a female version of "MacGyver." She can make more useful items out of next to nothing better than any person we have run across. Whether it is a portable potty for the beach, an anchor made out of an old milk jug, carriers for cell phones or camera’s from baggies…Judie is your lady. 

Judie can make anything
Judie can make anything

We would be remiss if we did not mention the fact Judie and Kelly march to the beat of their own drummers…and we mean this in a good way! The year they drove two cars to Key West for MOTM is a perfect example. They do what’s right for them and if it’s not Politically Correct, well so be it. We would not want them to be any other way. 

Most Trop Rock musicians recognize Judie and Kelly from their travels even if they don’t know their name. You will find them up front at Margaritaville in Key West listening to Jim Morris and the BBB, on the dance floor at “Stars Fell on Alabama” moving to the sounds of PHINS, in the sand at KC's Sandbar and Grill in Ft. Walton Beach dancing to the music of Brent Burns and at dozens of other venues and events. 

Judie and Kelly
Judie and Kelly

Good friends are hard to find. Judie and Kelly are some of the best friends you will find. We are lucky our paths cross often here on the Emerald Coast. Till the next event….

Looking for that pot of gold

 Looking for that pot of gold


See you next month!!!!! 


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