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JUNE 2012


The Destin Pass 

June 2012 

Issue #18

What’s inside:

  • Welcoming Team Drink 
  • Trop Rock Party Phun 
  • Where Parrots Mambo (pics) 
  • Belly up to the bar 
  • Bartender of the Month 
  • Trop Rock Musician Spotlight 
  • Extra side of Mullet 
  • Island Inhabitants 


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  Team Drink Quote of the Month 

  "You're a pothole in the road of cheerful living"

Jim Morris from "Booze is the Duct Tape of Life"

Welcoming Team Drink

Welcome to the June edition of the Crab Island Mambo Mullet Wrapper. June is the start of our summer tourist season here on the Emerald Coast. By all indications, this is going to be one of our busiest years yet. The just passed Memorial Holiday weekend saw traffic so thick, you had to adjust your travels just to get around. Crab Island had thousands of boats tied up in the party spot off the Destin bridge. Destin’s main tourist section is the harbor. This is where all the fishing charters and dolphin cruises originate from. There are dozens of bars and restaurants to choose from. It is the pulse of Destin.

Dockside The Red Door Saloon
Dockside and The Red Door Saloon

Let’s take a stroll from one end to the other. The city is finishing a new boardwalk that will take you all up and down the harbor. It starts on the east side at the old Electric Cowboy. Since that building is vacant right now, we will begin our walk at Dockside. Let’s grab a cold beer there and take a quick side trip up the hill to the Red Door Saloon. Bikers, cold beer and big hot dogs to eat are the norm here. Just behind Red Door is our favorite Italian restaurant, La Famiglia. Back down the hill to the water and a Destin tradition is right in front of you. The Boathouse has been going strong for many years.

Joe and Sunshine Cindy
Joe and Sunshine Cindy in front of The Boathouse

Heading west you have Fisherman’s Wharf on your right. Continue down the boardwalk pass pontoon and jet ski rentals is a favorite watering hole of ours. The Tipsy Turtle is a small tiki bar that sells beer and wine. Time for another cold beer before we continue our walk. Up the hill from the Turtle is Dewey Destin’s fish house. Next we pass Galati Yacht’s. If you have a spare million bucks laying around, come down and buy a boat! Straight ahead is another Destin tradition. AJ’s has been around forever. Live music and good food has the people always lined up at AJ’s. 

The Boathouse Fisherman's Wharf
The Boathouse and Fisherman's Wharf

As we pass AJ’s we hit another stretch of charter fishing boats. Destin has the largest charter boat fleet in the state. There are also small kiosks that line this area selling trinkets and small restaurants that will serve you cold drinks. Next up is Tightlines. It was for years Lucky Snapper. They didn’t get their lease renewed as the rumors have circulated about Lulu opening up a place here. We shall see. Pass Tightlines you are now entering Harborwalk Village.  On the right are twin condo towers that blot out the sky. There is a small amphitheater where concerts are staged and many small shops.  The first waterfront dining spot you come upon is the Crazy Lobster. Good Cajun food and you can even get Abita beer here. Let’s grab an Abita and keep moving.

Dewey Destin's Tipsy Turtle
Dewey Destin's and Tipsy Turtle

Right next to the Crazy Lobster is Harry T’s. This two story restaurant and bar packs the crowds in. Some of the best views of the harbor and gulf is from the upstairs bar at Harry T’s. Live music most evenings keeps everyone dancing. As we work our way to the west end of the boardwalk you have Jesters for pizza and daiquiri’s. Finally as we hit the end of the boardwalk we come upon a new place. Crab Island Cantina recently opened and appears to be doing a good business. We have stopped in a few times and can recommend it. They have the best waterfront views in the village.

Harborwalk Village Crazy Lobster
Entrance to Harborwalk Village and Crazy Lobster

In addition you have some new children’s areas in the village to keep the kids occupied, an airbrush artist for that t-shirt, caricature painters and of course Sawyer Art. There is always something happening down here. That concludes the stroll down the harbor and the new boardwalk. Get down to Destin and experience the charm and old/new world feel. There is no better way to “Embrace the Chaos!” than by hitting the harbor!

Julie at Harry T's Sunset from Crab Island Cantina
Julie at Harry T's Phlocking and a great sunset from Crab Island Cantina

Be sure to check out my blog "Living and Playing in Destin." Click here for updates on Monday's and Thursday's about all things Destin.

Enjoy the June Mullet Wrapper all you Mambo'ians.

Stingray Steve

 Gene Mitchell Tropical Country

Summer is upon us, and Gene Mitchell's 12th CD, "Tropical Country" is a variety of song styles and lyrical themes to make your summer come alive. Calypso, reggae, pop, rock, jazz and country; fun songs, party songs, love songs, beach songs, all come together with 11 Tracks of sing-a-long and thought provoking lyrics. Recorded with top professional musicians and Grammy nominated studio production, this album as been referred to as "Over the Top" for Trop-Rock.

Track Listing:
Tropical Country
Concrete Box (Up In The Sky)
Sweet Alabama Smile
My Little Girl (Father to Daughter Wedding Song)
In Between
A Teacher's Dream (A Tribute To Teachers)
Love In The Tropics
Hello Sandpiper
Happy Tropical Anniversary
Sunshine Girl

 Get this CD today at or download on iTunes,, or at the Beachfront Radio Music Hut.
You will be glad you did!!!

Trop Rock Party Phun
"Trop Starz & Tiki Barz"

Let’s take another road trip this month as we search out the best Trop Rock and Parrothead parties around the country. We have figuratively loaded BadAss and headed north. Our destination is Binghampton New York. Yes, we are invading Yankee territory this month! The local Parrotheads in the area are putting on Trop Starz & Tiki Barz July 6th and 7th. This is their inaugural event this year. From the look of the lineup and the activities they have planned, I am betting this will not be their last one.

Party fun
Trop Rock party fun

There are a lot of components that go into making a successful event. One of the most critical aspects is the music. Trop Starz & Tiki Barz has some of the premier Trop Rock musicians from their area... and beyond. They have musicians from western New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and as far away as California coming to entertain everyone. If you want to feel like you have been transported to a tropical island in the middle of Binghampton, NY, then this party is for you. Check out this lineup: Jimmy and the Parrots, Dennis McCaughey and Tropical Soul, Mike Cadden, Loren Davidson, John Friday, Harbour Knights, Dani Hoy, Dave McKenney, Outer Reef, Pirate Dreams, Chris Sacks, ’Tiki’ Thom Starkey, Susquehanna Rum Runners/Dos Guys, Frank Vieira, Davey Werkhiser and Zydeco Trail Riders.

Howie Jim Asbell
Howard Livingston and Jim Asbell (with Duane and Todd) play a lot of events

All the proceeds from this event are going to three worthy charities. The mission of Trop Starz & Tiki Barz event is to raise money for a national, as well as two local charities. Those charities are the Wounded Warrior Project, the Magic Paintbrush Project and the Humane Society. Parrotheads all across the country raise money for charities. This event will be adding to the total.

Sunshine Cindy having fun
Sunshine Cindy having fun

For this event, the Parrotheads will be taking over the Binghamton Riverwalk Hotel & Conference Center. The organizers have worked out a special $87 per night deal. I just hope the hotel knows what they are in store for! Folks in flowery shirts, boat drinks being consumed, coolers on wheels that look like a semi-truck (and that is just for the room), coconut bras, grass skirts, funny hats, beads in the pool….yep, Binghampton will never be the same!

Larry loving Key West
Larry loving Key West

If you are looking for an excuse to get out and party in upstate New York in July, then do yourself a favor and check out Trop Starz & Tiki Barz. Here is the link with all the details.  Tell them Crab Island Mambo sent you to “Embrace the Chaos!”

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We are offering you the opportunity to get your message out to our family in a very affordable way. Our target audience is adults who like to party and have fun and have a high disposable income. We promote the Tropical Lifestyle on the Florida Panhandle as well as sponsoring select events across the country to drive traffic to the site. 

If you are a musician releasing a new CD, a bar owner that wants to reach the Trop Rock crowd, a national business looking to expand or any other business owner that wants to increase your traffic then drop us a line.

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Where Parrots Mambo

  Sunshine Cindy is down to one drink a day! Julie is helping with the drink
  Sunshine Cindy only has one drink a day                    Julie is helping her out while Wayne watches

Train ride All aboard
Fun on the kiddie train at Harborwalk Village

Wayne and Joe on the train What you doing with the Turtle sign?
           Wayne and Joe hitch a ride                           What are you doing to the Turtle sign?

You broke it! That works!
                      You broke it!                                          Hold that up all night please! LOL

Jim Asbell in Tampa Fun in Tampa
Jim Asbell and the Tropiholics in Tampa played to a big crowd

Crawdaddy and Mike Mangum Tonya pretty in pink
Crawdaddy with Mike Mangum                                  Tonya pretty in pink

Karaoke Thursdays!!
Karaoke Music by:
Moonlight Co.
DJ Ric Adkins

KC is behind the bar serving you
Ladies buy one get one free well, beer or wine
7 - Till ???

KC's Sandbar
190 Miracle Strip Parkway
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548

Belly up to the Bar

The Crab Island Mambo Mullet Wrapper would not be complete if we didn’t spend time giving everyone the low down on drinking establishments near and far. We always take suggestions on new places to visit too!  J 

Schooners Wharf

Okay Mambo'ians, who is ready to head back down to the end of the road in Key West to visit one of our favorite bars in the country? Let's head to the Schooner Wharf Bar on the Historic Seaport harbor walk on Key West Bight. Every year when we are in Key West for Meeting of the Minds, we hit Schooners Wharf almost every day. It might be for breakfast with a great Bloody Mary or having an afternoon lunch while we listen to Michael McCloud or an evening concert with some of the best Trop Rock bands in the country including the "No Plane on Sunday" Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band show on Sunday night that closes the week of music for MOTM.

Fun at Schooners Wharf Larry at Schooners
          Fun at Schooners Wharf                                    Larry promoting Crab Island Mambo

Schooners Wharf is a unique bar. It has a big open air section where the band stand sits. You also have a ramshackle building that houses the main bar and some tables. There is also some steps that will take you up to a deck over the main bar so you can get a bird’s eye view of the Key West harbor. The kitchen sits right off the open air section adding a unique feel to entire place. The fact you are only a few steps from the water makes this place one of the best beach bars in the country. In fact, Schooners Wharf has been voted “Best Locals Bar” six years in a row.

Michael McCloud Michael McCloud
Some pictures of Michael McCloud

It seems like there is always something happening at Schooners Wharf the other 51 weeks of the year the Parrotheads are not in town. They host numerous special events throughout the year, including the Lighted Boat Parade in December, the Minimal Regatta over the Memorial Day weekend, Wrecker's Cup Race Series, Barbecue Cook-off, Chili Cook-off, and one of the Keys' favorite local events, the Battle of the Bars. Music is also a big draw of Schooners Wharf. They have some big names stop by to play but in our mind the main draw is the day time entertainer Michael McCloud. Michael looks like he is about 100 years old, smokes while he plays and always entertains the crowd. He is a great storyteller who has some fantastic original songs. Check him out next time you are in Key West.

Dennis's badge even made to Schooners Wharf Everyone dance
Dennis's badge has made it to Schooners Wharf but he didn't dance like these folks

One of the neat things about a bar like Schooners Wharf is you never know what might happen while you are there. This was brought to light a few years back while I was at Schooners for a party being thrown by the Tampa PHC. We had several members of our ECPHC there including "Long Island” Jim. As the party was in full swing we noticed it starting to cloud up and get dark. Jim and I walked out on the boardwalk as he proclaimed it would pass us by. About 10 minutes later it started to rain. And not just a shower but a monsoon that lasted well over one hour. Duval Street and all the surrounding streets were flooded. Some girls were “swimming” on Greene Street in front of Capt. Tony’s playing with a plastic shark. Everyone at Schooners huddled in the main bar section trying to avoid the leaks. From then on, Jim became known as Jim “Cantore!” LOL

More fun at Schooners Kelly relaxing at Schooners
                  More Schooners fun                                     Kelly relaxing in the middle of the day

Schooners Wharf bar dog
Doug and his Schooner Wharf Bar Dog

Head on down to Key West when you think you are ready to “Hang with the Big Dogs” at Schooner Wharf. Look for owner Evalena who is always running around helping at the bar. Have a beer with “This Week on the Island” blog writer Doug and his beautiful dogs who spend a lot of time at the bar. Grab some grub  and enjoy the atmosphere there. You'll never cease to be amazed by the characters you meet at Schooner Wharf Bar. Hell, you might even meet Crab Island Mambo there “Embracing the Chaos!” Click here for more information:

Upcoming Crab Island Mambo Events

  • August 25, 2012 - Crab Island Mambo presents, "Trop Rock Chaos on the Island!" Join us at Anglers Beachside Bar and Grill.  We are bringing Eric Stone back to Destin from the BVI’s and Jim Asbell and the Tropiholics from Atlanta, GA to put on a rollicking good time at Anglers Beachside Bar. Music will be starting at 4:00 with Eric playing and then Jim and the band going on at 7:00 till 10:00. Details and to register are here:  This will be a big time. Stay on the beach at the Sheraton and walk to Anglers. We will have drink and food specials as well. Make sure you get this event on your calendar!

    Anglers sunset
    Sunset from Anglers
  • October 31, 2012 (Halloween) - Join  Crab Island Mambo in Key West for the “Welcome to the Island” party to be held at Dante’s on Wednesday, October 31st. We are the main sponsor for this fun event as we kick off ParrotHead Week with this amazing lineup of some of your favorite Trop Rockers including David McKenney, Jimi Pappas, John Patti, John Friday, Gary Snead, and Dennis McCaughey, and all broadcast live on IslandDreamzRadio! David McKenney will be releasing his latest CD at the party too. It was just announced Jerry Diaz will stop in and play a few songs too. Make sure you don't miss this great time in Key West. We hope to see you there.

  • This summer Crab Island Mambo is teaming up with the Emerald Coast Parrothead Club to co-sponsor the beach clean-ups. They will be held at the same beach on Okaloosa Island Beach Walk #2 where we have been the last few years. Dates for this year’s clean-ups are: May 5th, June 23rd, August 18th and September 8th. The clean-up starts at 9:30 am with an “Ol Fashion” parrothead party on the beach afterwards. Look for some special surprises this year as we work to make the party bigger and better than ever. 

Bartender of the Month

This month’s bartender is an old friend, Dominic. We have known Dominic for several years from his time behind the bar at Fudpuckers. He always took good care of us and all of the parrotheads and he made sure we never had an empty glass. Dominic is now working at Crab Island Cantina which is where we ran into him a few weeks ago.

Dominic behind the bar at Crab Island Cantina

Even though he is working at a new location Dominic is still the same good guy. The evening we were at the Cantina we had a good group of friends show up. This was Joe from Cincinnati’s first day in town. When Dominic saw his Cincinnati Reds koozie and Cincinnati Bengals tattoo on his arm, the jokes started flying. When Sunshine Cindy wanted to get a Margarita, Dominic made sure she got a supersized one! This was one of the best Margarita’s Sunshine Cindy has ever had too. I am not a big Margarita drinker because they are usually too tart but this one was perfect. Probably because it was mostly Tequila! LOL

Four of us drinking out of the "BIG" Margarita

There are so many hardworking bartenders and wait staff in this town. They are right now working their butts off to keep all of the hundreds of thousands of tourist happy. They have to be a special bred to do this type of work and I am glad we have gotten to know so many of these fine folks. Dominic fits this profile perfectly. The next time you are on the Destin harbor, stop in at the Crab Island Cantina and see if Dominic is working behind the bar. If he is, be sure to take care of him as he will take care of you. BTW…I am sorry we didn’t get a better picture of Dominic but at the time we were there we had not decided on our bartender of the month. We went back the next week but he was off. I promise to get some better pictures for the next Mullet Wrapper.

Tiki Bar
On the Harbor
Destin, FL

Shrimp Boil
Most Sunday's from 4:00
(Weather permitting)

Live Music Wed's - Sunday 
Matt and Mindy - Friday nights

Matt and Mindy

"April Bartender of the month" Matt is behind the bar serving you

Come down to the Destin harbor on the new boardwalk between AJ's and Fisherman's Wharf for great music, good friends, people watching and Sunday Shrimp Boils!

Trop Rock Musician Spotlight

A monthly feature you will see in the Crab Island Mambo Mullet Wrapper is a spotlight on a Trop Rock musician. There are outstanding Trop Rock artists that many Parrotheads have never heard about. We want to change that. This month we feature a great duo, Latitude.      


Latitude at Put in Bay
Latitude in Put-in-Bay

Our featured musical act this month is a husband and wife duo that has been performing Trop Rock music for many years. Tom and Michelle Becker are the duo "Latitude." You can hear this outstanding duo as they travel between two home bases in the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina and Southwest Florida. Crab Island Mambo has been lucky to hear Latitude on numerous occasions and we always have a great time. Their music is lively and it never fails to get your toes tapping!

Tom with David having fun
Tom with David having fun

Tom and Michelle have been making music for many years. Tom is a former member of Legendary Folk Group, The New Christy Minstrels. He decided to pursue a solo career where he opened for musicians such as Jerry Jeff Walker, Gregg Allman, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles and Jerry Lee Lewis. Michelle’s career started off more on the country side of music. She has performed with The Coasters, The Drifters, The Platters, Brenda Lee, Loretta Lynn, Louise Mandrell, Lee Greenwood, Jim Ed Brown and Larry Gatlin among others. Michelle has also appeared on the Grand Ole Opry many times. In fact it was in Nashville where Tom and Michelle met.

Michele and Wayne
Michele and Wayne

After leaving Nashville, Tom and Michelle embraced Trop Rock music. They not only embraced it but they are taking it to new heights. In 2005 they founded the organization Margarita M.A.F.I.A. where M.A.F.I.A. stands for Musicians, Artists and Fans In Alliance. This organization was formed to promote Trop Rock music. This year they changed the name to “Trop Rock Music Association” but it is the same great group. One of the biggest things TRMA does is host The Trop Rock Music Awards each year in Key West during Meeting of the Minds. It was established in 2007 to formally recognize Trop Rock Music artists, songwriters, radio stations, events and live music venues throughout the country that are helping promote Trop Rock as its own music genre. The awards program has now grown to include 18 categories.

Tom playing with Corned Beef and Curry
Tom playing with Corned Beef and Curry

Over the years Latitude has cleaned up at the TRMA awards. In the years 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 they were voted the Trop Rock Music Awards Duo of the Year. Meanwhile, Michelle has been voted TRMA Female Vocalist of the year those same years. I am sure they will do just as well this year! On a side note, Crab Island Mambo is proud to be a sponsor of the awards show this year. It will be held on Saturday November 3, 2012 on the big stage at the Casa Marina from 1-3 pm. Come on out and support Tom, Michelle and all the Trop Rock artist and fans.

Michele and Tom showed off Dennis too
Michele and Tom showed off Dennis's badge too

Be sure to catch a Latitude show when they are in your area. There tag line is, “Music with a Tan.” That fits them perfectly! They have 5 CD’s of original music as well as other merchandize like tee’s. Click here for all the information on Latitude. Be sure to tell them Crab Island Mambo sent you!

 Join us in Key West
"Welcome to the Island"
Sponsored by Crab Island Mambo 

915 Caroline St.
Key West, FL 33040
Wednesday, October 31, 2012
11:00 am till they throw us out!

 Musicians scheduled to perform

  • David McKenney (David will have a CD release party too) 
  • Jimi Pappas 
  • John Patti 
  • John Friday 
  • Gary Snead 
  • Dennis McCaughey 
  • SPECIAL GUEST Jerry Diaz

All broadcast live on IslandDreamzRadio

John and David Dante's pool
 John Friday and David McKenney at Dante's and a picture of Dante's pool

 Other Fun and Additional Sponsors who are helping put this party on!

Other Fun

  • Raffles 
  • 50/50 drawing 
  • Cold Drinks 
  • Swimming Pool 
  • New and old Phriends 
  • Merchandise 
  • The chance to "Embrace the Chaos!"

Other Sponsors

Join Crab Island Mambo and our friends as we "Embrace the Chaos!" in Key West for the start of MOTM. You do not have to be registered for MOTM to attend this event but we recommend you sign up for all the MOTM phun! There is no fee for all the fun we will be having at Dante's. Be sure you are there but if you can't make it, listen to all the Chaos on "IslandDreamzRadio" as they broadcast live.

"Embrace the Chaos!"

Extra Side of Mullet


Since the start of the Mullet Wrapper newsletter, I have featured several party spots in the “Extra Side of Mullet” feature. We have taken you to Key West and the Florida Keys as well as Put-in-Bay, Ohio. But there is one party town that might hold the crown of best party spot in the country that I need to give some love to. Of course I am talking about the Big Easy, New Orleans! Outside of maybe Vegas, there is no town in America that evokes the image of parties more than the home of Mardi Gras. They might not have invented Mardi Gras but this town has sure perfected it and the art of the party!

Pardi Gras Pub Crawl Jeanie on Bourbon Street
Pardi Gras Pub Crawl                                                      Jeanie on Bourbon Street

Trop Rock fans flock to New Orleans for Jerry Diaz’s Pardi Gras in January. They come back in August for Six String Music. You will see Trop Rock fans in town for Jazz Fest, the two week festival held in May. And of course any trip to the French Quarter would not be complete without stopping in at one of the Tropical Isle locations. Owners Pam and Earl have been long supporters of Trop Rock music and the musicians. They open their doors during Pardi Gras and Six String to give the events several venues for the music. Stop in whenever you are in town for a Hand Grenade and some grub. You will be glad you did.

Judy at CAT's Sunshine Cindy at The John
                          Judie at CAT's                                         Sunshine Cindy on a barstool at "The John"

Time for a short history lesson…New Orleans was founded May 7, 1718. Being on the Mississippi River allowed the city to grow quickly and it became a major port during the American Revolution as it was used to move weapons up the river. The city itself is mostly below sea level. As everyone knows, Hurricane Katrina caused immense damage when the levee’s broke. Fast forward to today and the city is still rebuilding and recovering. But with the help of tourist who have come back in record numbers, the city is on the road to recovery. Okay, enough history now what about that party scene!

Thom Sheppard at Margaritaville Group photo
Music at Margaritaville                                             Everyone sing!!!

The French Quarter (known locally as "the Quarter" or Vieux Carré), which dates from the French and Spanish eras and is bounded by the Mississippi River, Rampart Street, Canal Street, and Esplanade Avenue. Bourbon Street is the main drag in the middle of the Quarter. The city closes Bourbon Street to traffic each evening as it becomes a pedestrian walkway. This area contains many popular hotels, bars, and nightclubs. Notable tourist attractions in the Quarter include Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral, the French Market (including Café du Monde, famous for café au lait and beignets) and Preservation Hall.

Timmy playing the washboard Paul at CAT's
Timmy playing the washboard                                             Paul at CAT's

There are so many famous bars and restaurants in the area it is impossible to mention them all. But a trip to NOLA would not be complete without a stop at Margaritaville. Jimmy’s place is right next to the French Market and is the home to many of the Pardi Gras and Six String Music festivities. This is a fun place that takes you to the tropics while you are in the Quarter. One of Sunshine Cindy’s and my favorite places is Yo Mama’s for hamburgers. This is a small place but the burgers are HUGE and taste great! Of course no trip to NOLA would be complete without a late night Lucky Dog from one of the many hot dog vendors on Bourbon Street.

Larry and Kelly having fun
Larry and Kelly having fun with plastic boobs

It is always fun in the Quarter. Our first trip to town Wayne took us to a late night breakfast with David, Carolyn, Pam, Gary and Bud before we knew all of them like we do today. Late night breakfast and beer was a good indoctrination to New Orleans. Then there was the pub crawl we did one year with Wayne, Sherrie, Pam and Gary where we ended up visiting something like 17 different pubs including a lesbian bar that the bartenders would not even look at us. lol Or I can’t forget the late night pool party at Six String Music held at the Provincial Hotel where I was surprised no one drowned and Carol showed up with some guy who looked like Jesus. Okay, you get the picture of what the town is like!






This month we put the Island Spotlight on Capt. John!
Capt. John
Capt. John

For the month of June we are shinning the Island Spotlight on the Emerald Coast Parrothead clubs own Capt. John. I am sure every Parrothead Club has a character or two that just seem to standout from the rest of the crowd. Capt. John is that person in the ECPHC. With his bright smile, sailors beard and the weathered look of a boat captain, Capt. John is the real deal.

Capt. John with Cheryl
Cheryl with Capt. John

Yes, John is really a boat captain. He pilots a sailboat that he had to cut several feet off of the mast so he could get under the Destin bridge. Last year he parked the sailboat at the dock of Sunshine Cindy’s parents for the inaugural backyard party. The sailboat became its own party central as Capt. John and First Mate Dave mixed up drinks for anyone that wanted one. The pictures of the stage with the sailboat sitting a few feet away was one of the lasting impressions from last year’s party.

Go Capt. Go!
Go, Capt John, Go!


Capt. John is also one of the first to volunteer for any club activity. He was instrumental in helping build a wheelchair ramp for a local handicapped lady. Capt. John stepped up to help get the float together for the Mardi Gras parade that was held on the island. He is a member-at-large for the club this year giving more of his time to make the club successful. It seems like everytime we turn around Capt. John is leading the way.

Capt. John ready for Mardi Gras

Capt. John is ready for Mardi Gras


You will also find Capt. John at all the local watering holes “Embracing the Chaos!” He is very active at the American Legion lending his support to the activities there that help active duty and retired military personnel. Sunshine Cindy and I have run into John at many different spots around town. He will probably be the guy with glow sticks around his neck or a rotating hand held disco ball waving around as he hits the dance floor. Capt. John can belt out a song for Karaoke and he gets the crowd going singing with others on stage.

Capt. John having fun
Capt. John blinded by the light! LOL


The Emerald Coast Parrothead Club is lucky to have a person like Capt. John to call on for support. And I have to add Crab Island Mambo is also glad Capt. John is there for us too. Between himself and Dave, they were invaluable in helping get the inaugural backyard party off the ground. Anytime we need something, Capt. John has made it clear to let him know and if he can help, he will be there. It is good friends like Capt. John that makes what we do so rewarding.


The next time you see Capt. John at a function, buy him a drink but be prepared to have one coming back your way too. Give him a pat on the back and thank him for all he does. Then tell him Crab Island Mambo put you up to it! Thanks Captain!!!

Looking for that pot of gold Mama Mambo and Stingray
 Looking for that pot of gold                                           Sunshine Cindy and Stingray


Crab Logo

See you next month!!!!! 


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Landshark Pizz
Home of the Shark Pizza 
Serving Pizza, Wings, Subs, & Cold Beer 
Open Daily at 11 am 
(Located next to Red Door Saloon, Destin, FL)

Game Day drink specials
Tuesday Music Bingo
Wednesday $.59 wings all day

Daily Happy Hour
Mon – Fri 3-6 pm
$2.00 drafts and $2.50 domestics and $4.00 wine 

Landshark Pizza

4 Locations!
Authentic Brick Oven
“New York” Style Pizza
Calzones, Subs, Soup/Salad

Carryout Special
2 for 1 Two Topping Pizza

Daily special...Two slices of cheese or peperoni pizza and a soft drink for $6!

 Call 850-460-2990 for delivery
104 Harbor Blvd (On Hwy 98 next to AJ’s parking lot)

Visit Crust Pizzeria at the entrance to AJ's for your late night munchies

The Crust Pizzeria is open in Mary Ester next to the mall on Page Bacon road by McDonalds.

The newest Crust Pizzeria is now open in the old Mama Rosa’s location at 1826 Lewis Turner Blvd. in Ft. Walton Beach.

Visit your neighborhood Crust Pizzeria

Rob Romans
“Playin’ songs you love to sing!”

Rob Romans
After 21 years in the Army, Rob shifted from Army-Rock to Trop-Rock!!! 

Performing regularly at:
The Boathouse Landing in Valparaiso, FL
The Beach House in Sandestin Resort, Miramar Beach, FL
McGuire's Irish Pub, Destin, FL
Hooks on the Harbor, Destin, FL

Check out where Rob’s playing: 

To Book Rob:
Call: 850-797-6234
Or email Rob at:

BT Turner
Singer / Songwriter

BT Turner

Trop Rock - Beach - Country  Music

Live Music and Mayhem for over 20 years

Performing in Destin:
Tuesday’s at The Boathouse Sunday’s at Crab Island Cantina
And all around town!

To see where BT is performing or to book BT:

Crab Island Mambo

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